The roof is an essential part of your home or business. With time, weather conditions, such as wind, rain, hail, snow, and often direct sunlight, can harm roofs in several ways. The roofs can warp, deform, or develop cracks. As a homeowner living in Winter Park, Florida, you know firsthand how intense the sun can be. The warm climate and long days of sunshine make this state beautiful, but it also means that your roof is exposed to a lot of direct sunlight throughout the year.

Therefore, heat-resistant roofing materials are essential for residential roofing systems to survive consistent exposure to sun heat. Some of the roof damages you can associate with the sun include:

1. Color Changes

A tell-tale sign of sun-damaged roofs is a change in surface color to a lighter shade. While other types of damage may have structural implications, bleaching solely impacts the aesthetic appeal of a home. Nonetheless, this cosmetic wear and tear can still have a noticeable effect on your home’s value. Once this process starts, there isn’t much you can do to stop it. In this case, finding a shingle color that won’t quickly bleach away after a few years is the best course of action.

2. Peeling and Cracking

If you spot peeling or cracks on your roof surface, chances are the sun has inflicted damage to the top layer coating. This could result in roof leaks, harming your insulation and foundation. Sun damage to your roof could be responsible for leaks, mold, increased energy bills, or vermin infestations. Take care of the issue early with routine maintenance inspections to avoid expensive repairs. The experts at Roofing & Construction Solutions have years of experience in maintenance and damage repair and can help you.

3. Curling Shingles

When the sun’s ultraviolet rays hit the roof, it can cause certain materials to become brittle over time. Fluctuating temperatures throughout the year could intensify this. When that happens, shingles may curl upwards at their edges and corners. Shingles act like armor, protecting the surface of your roof. Curled shingles, however, make your roof more susceptible to water damage and other elements. To ensure the longevity of your roof, check for curled shingles regularly and replace them when needed.

4. Thermal Shock

If your roof is not insulated properly, it can be vulnerable to thermal shock, a condition caused by extreme temperature changes. This damage usually occurs when the top layer of your roof heats up quickly in direct sunlight while the bottom layers are still relatively cool. The rapid expansion and contraction can cause cracks or tears that could significantly decrease the lifespan of your roof. Investing in insulation can prevent this and prevent you from having to replace your roof prematurely.

5. Roof Decay

Roof decay occurs when there is a combination of extreme temperatures and moisture, which damages existing shingles. As a result, they become increasingly brittle and susceptible to tearing or cracking. If you have an older roof with sun-damaged shingles, it may be time for a replacement. Investing in reliable materials, such as asphalt shingle roofs, that are designed for high-heat climates is a good start.

6. Coating Damage

The coating’s degeneration is one of the most frequent effects of the sun on metal roofs. Your roof’s coating may erode and degrade due to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which may result in corrosion. Regular roof inspections and prompt repairs of any cracked or broken roof tiles will help minimize this. Additionally, consider using a metal roof coating with UV-resistant qualities.

Our Roofing Services

The sun’s rays can cause significant damage to your roof, but by taking a few simple precautions, you can protect and extend the life of your roof. Regular inspections and maintenance are key for any roof and even more so for those in hot climates vulnerable to extreme temperatures.

We offer residential roof repairs, inspections, and replacements. Additionally, we provide storm damage repair services, financing, and construction services, such as remodeling and ground-up construction. Our team has the knowledge and experience to service several types of roofs, including tile, metal, shingle, and TPO. We can also install solar panels on your roof for green energy solutions.

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