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Roofing and Construction Solutions (RACS) are certified general contractors who have maintained an active, good standing with the Florida DBPR for over 30 years. Our work ethic is focused on professionalism and promptness; whether it’s communicating next steps, getting the work started, or finishing up a job, from beginning to end we work tirelessly for our customers. New construction builds or additions to existing structures, both residential and commercial, are well within our scope of knowledge in the construction and renovation industry.

Building an addition onto your existing space, whether residential or commercial can really help to define a space as yours and yours alone. It’s your opportunity to make a space that fits your needs and reflects your style that’s 100% unique to you. DIY shows love to flash from beginning to end as if this process is something that happens easily or overnight, but the reality is, these types of jobs are best left up to professional contractors.

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In regard to adding square footage and functionality to your home, additions such as; sunrooms, bedrooms, living areas, bathrooms are unsurpassed. Don’t have the property space to build out? We can build up! Second stories and lofts are great ways to increase square footage in your home without taking up valuable yard space.

Additions such as in-law suites or rental apartments are not only beneficial long-term for resale and property value, they can also be a great source of income upon completion of the build. Another great reason to build an in-law suite might be to accommodate an adult child or family member in need of housing with very close proximity to your own. At Roofing and Construction Solutions (RACS), we understand that every customer’s needs and goals are specific to them, and we pride ourselves on being all ears (and solicited ideas) when it comes to any decisions regarding construction.

Unlike slapping on a coat of paint, or swapping out fixtures, a home addition is one project that can’t easily be undone. This is something we encourage our customers to consider before they start wielding their hammers or saws. Trust in a professional general contractor, like RACS, to complete a quality, timely and lasting addition to your home or business. With skilled project managers, and years of experience under our belts, we are ready to get to work with you as early as tomorrow!

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