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  • How much does a roof cost?

    There are many factors that contribute to the overall cost of a roof install, it’s difficult to say without inspecting your roof in its current state. Contact us and we can dispatch a roofing specialist to you as soon as possible!

  • Are roof replacements or repairs covered by my homeowners insurance policy?

    Most insurance providers cover the following when it comes to roof damage. Fire, Hail, Wind, Vandalism, Lightning strikes, Falling objects, “Acts of God” (generally speaking, events that are outside of human control such as natural disasters). It’s always recommended you reach out to your insurance provider to clarify your coverage.

  • How do I file a claim with my homeowners insurance provider?

    This answer is really specific to the provider of your insurance policy. However, we can dispatch a project manager to your location who is skilled at recognizing damage that may be covered by a homeowners insurance policy and help talk you through the next steps. It’s recommended you hold off on hiring a roofing contractor until you’ve talked to both a roofing professional and your insurance provider.

  • How quickly can you come out to assess my damage?

    Barring any inclimate weather, road closures, or other delays as a result of a natural disaster, we can dispatch a roofing specialist or project manager to your location within 24 hours of your initial contact.

  • What’s the timeline for completing my roof?

    There are many factors that contribute to the overall timeline to complete a roofing install. Product availability can prolong the start of your roofing project, but overall the installation once started goes rather quickly.

  • What if I want you to install a roof on new construction?

    We do that too! Custom homes, renovations, additions, we’ve got the roof part covered (wink, wink). We’re also experts in restoration construction, so if you’ve experienced water damage as a result of your leaky roof, we can fix it all in one fell swoop.