Construction on New Florida HomeRoofing & Construction Solutions are certified general contractors who have maintained an active, good standing with the Florida DBPR for over 30 years. Our work ethic is focused on professionalism and promptness; whether it’s communicating the next steps, getting the work started, or finishing up a job, from beginning to end we work tirelessly for our customers. New construction builds or additions to existing structures, both residential and commercial, are well within our scope of knowledge in the construction and renovation industry.

    One of the biggest frustrations with the home buying experience is stress. If the inventory is low, prices are high, options are limited, and the stakes are that much higher. Where will you go in the interim if you sell your home before you buy a new one? Will the sellers accept an offer with a contingency? What if you find yourself in a bidding war? Are you prepared to go above the asking price? Do you have the cash or financial leeway to offset the increased cost? Will you need to renovate to make this home everything you’re hoping for? Are you giving up location, ideal school zones, proximity, or walkability to close on this home? Even if the perfect home is out of lying-in wait, building a custom home may still be the best option for you.

    Why Build New?

    1. Less Stress
      When building a new home, you’re on your timeline for the most part. You’ll work side by side with our contractors and preferred architects to perfect your floor plan before construction even begins. There are no bidding wars because the land is already purchased, and we work directly with you and you alone on your new home construction. There are no high-pressure or incentivized agents to push you in any direction. It’s the most in-control home buying experience out there.
    2. It’s more energy-efficient
      New construction homes are up to 30% more energy-efficient than homes built just 10 years ago, and they’re lightyears more efficient than houses built before that. Newly built homes save an annual average of 3,449-kilowatt hours—that’s enough to power your television for 11 years!
    3. Low maintenance
      One of the biggest benefits of a new house is simply that it’s new, and maintenance will be much less of an issue than with an older home. It’s been reported that a 10-year-old home will cost approximately 580% more than a new construction home in terms of annual maintenance.
    4. You can choose the floor plan
      Older houses simply don’t have many of the modern floor plans features that homeowners demand nowadays, like an open-concept layout and ample closet space. However, these are standard in most new homes. If you prefer the cozy layout of a historic home, we can do that too! Your options are limitless.
    5. Location, location, location
      While older homes may have the advantage of being located in sought-after historic neighborhoods, new homes come with an appeal of their own—they can be built anywhere you want! You find the lot and we’ll do the rest! We can even help you locate a lot to build on if you so desire.Roofing & Construction Solutions prides itself on being an all-inclusive construction and renovation experience.
    6. Supply and demand work to your advantage
      As demand for housing increases (especially in fast-growing cities like Orlando, Florida), new home construction is rapidly increasing. On the contrary, older homes are becoming harder and harder to find. High demand for the limited availability of historic homes results in higher prices, as a result, new homes often come with a lower price tag than their historic counterparts.
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