Solar panels can save Winter Park, FL, homeowners a significant amount of money. How much you save begins with good choices. It’s important to invest in the right panels, size the system appropriately, and orient the panels correctly. You should take advantage of all the tax credits, incentives, and rebates available to you. It may also be worthwhile to use a solar loan to overcome any budgeting challenges. Once you’ve installed the system, there are continued opportunities to save more through your habits and future choices.

Solar Batteries

Solar batteries are a decision you can make at the time of installation or later on down the line. Even if you have a battery installed initially, you may want to expand to a solar battery bank later. A battery system is a great way to save even more because it avoids solar power going to waste. When you’re collecting more power than you need, your system stores it. You can then use it later when you do need it, including during blackouts.

Net Metering

Net metering is a process through which you sell excess power to the grid in return for credits. When your home needs power from the grid, you can use those credits to purchase it. Whether net metering is an option for you depends on the laws in your state and whether your local utility offers it.

Net metering is another way to avoid wasting the solar power that your system has collected. You can opt for net metering as an alternative to a battery solution or in addition to it. Finding the right balance will depend on the size of your system, battery costs, and your local rates for electricity and net metering.

Benefit From Peak and Non-Peak Usage

Learn when your peak solar hours are, and take advantage of these periods. This is the time when you want to operate energy-intensive appliances and multiple appliances at the same time. Investing in smart devices can let you benefit from these savings with minimal inconvenience.

If your utility company charges different rates for peak and non-peak electricity, this is a consideration as well. With either money or net metering credits, this is when you want to avoid buying power from the grid. If the grid buys higher during peak periods, then this is when you want to sell as much as you can.

Schedule Biannual Cleanings

The solar industry recommendation is to schedule a professional solar panel cleaning every six months. This is one of the most common homeowner mistakes. It often goes unnoticed by those who don’t monitor their usage closely. Dirty panels reduce solar power collection by between 25% and 35%. You should also schedule regular tree trimming. How often you should do that will depend on your trees’ proximity to your home and how much shade they create.

Upgrade to Energy Star Appliances

The HVAC and appliance industries have made significant innovations over the past decade. After you’ve invested in solar power, it’s a great time to begin upgrading your old, inefficient appliances. Target Energy Star certification whenever possible. This provides you with confidence that the product you choose is among the most efficient available. It may also make you eligible for tax credits and energy rebates. With big purchases like HVAC, you can offset your initial investment in a substantial way.

Energy Audit and Home Sealing

It’s also a great time to consider your building envelope and what that may be costing you. Schedule a home energy audit every several years or so. Use that information to plan your home improvement budget. Improvements like new insulation and windows can make a big difference in the energy you consume.

Active and Remote System Monitoring

Most solar panel solutions include energy management and monitoring software. Use it regularly to understand how much you’re collecting and consuming. You can even set it up on your phone so that it pushes notifications. This helps you to correct efficiency issues as soon as possible.

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