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Insurance Claims

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Insurance Claims
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In addition to being licensed roofing and general contractors, Roofing and Construction Solutions (RACS) also holds an active Florida Insurance Claims Adjuster license and can assist you with the insurance claims process on an individual or case by case basis.

Roofing and Construction Solutions (RACS) is highly experienced and ready to assist you with preparing the necessary documentation needed for your insurance approval process. Filing a Claim: Although the insurance claims process differs based on the insurance provider, generally speaking, you will want to secure the damaged areas of your home or business and document the damage as soon as possible with photos. We can evaluate your property, collect evidence on the extent of the damage and review your claim. Contacting RACS is highly recommended very early on in the process of filing a claim, our expertise in this field can help you get a fair and reasonable payout from your provider to cover the necessary repairs.

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Although the insurance claims process differs based on the insurance provider, generally speaking you will want to document the damage as soon as possible with photos, in the pictures you want to be sure to include what caused the damage ie: burst pipe, storm damage, vandalism, etc.

Secure the leak if there is one, cover the windows/doors if they’re damaged or missing, and save all receipts for items purchased to temporarily secure your home or business.

You’ll then want to begin the claims process by filling out the appropriate forms through your provider. You might want to consider contacting an independent insurance adjuster to guarantee you’re getting the fair amount of money to cover the damages.

It’s recommended you hold off on hiring a contractor until you’ve talked to a general contractor, roofing professional (if there is additional roof damage) and your insurance provider.

Insurance Adjusters:
In the event of filing an insurance claim, an insurance adjuster will be assigned to you by your insurance provider. It's their job to determine the extent of damage and determine the amount of money you will need to cover the cost of repairs. It's important to remember the adjuster doesn't really work for or advocate for you during this process. The adjuster is paid to calculate the lowest possible compensation on your insurer's behalf. RACS can help you prepare for the adjuster's inspection by understanding and explaining your policy's exclusions, keeping meticulous notes of your meeting, and using thoughtful language when describing your property loss.

Disputing a Payout:
Unhappy with the amount your insurance company said they’d be willing to disperse? You shouldn’t have to come out of pocket to cover repairs apart from your deductible. RACS can help you provide all the necessary documentation to get you an appropriate payout amount and help you avoid the process of disputing your claim. RACS is a licensed roofing and general contractor with years of experience in this industry. Utilize our expertise from beginning to end of the restoration and repair process, call a representative at RACS now to get started.

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