Roofing & Construction Solutions is highly experienced and ready to assist you with preparing the necessary documentation needed for your insurance claim. Although the insurance claims process differs based on the insurance provider, generally speaking, you will want to secure the damaged areas of your home or business and document the damage as soon as possible with photos. We can evaluate your property and damages and document the extent of the damage. Contacting a licensed roofing contractor is highly recommended before doing anything to your property. This way, you can have a peace of mind knowing that the damages are documented properly.

    Secure the leak if there is one, cover the windows/doors if they’re damaged or missing, and save all receipts for items purchased to temporarily secure your home or business.

    You’ll then want to begin the claims process by filling out the appropriate forms through your provider.

    It’s recommended you hold off on hiring someone to fix the damages on your property until you have talked to your insurance provider for the claim process and a licensed general contractor, a roofing professional (if there is additional roof damage) to determine the extent of the damages.

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