Newly remodeled bathroom with soaking tub and fully white tiled showerWith over 30 years of general contractor experience, Roofing and Construction Solutions Roofing & Construction Solutions provides top-quality remodeling services. We can get to work creating the kitchen, bathroom, closet, or all-around home of your dreams as early as tomorrow, call now to discuss the next steps.

    Remodeling can be the most cost-efficient way to make a huge impact on your current home. Do you love your home? Love the location, schools, and community? Then remodeling may be the perfect option for you to stay put but feel like you’re in a whole new space.

    Three Great Reasons to Consider a Remodel

    Equity, Baby!

    Chances are, you probably have equity. Equity is the property’s current market value minus any outstanding mortgage or lien. The more time you’ve spent paying down the principal amount on your home typically equates to more equity. This is great for homeowners and their credit, on the downside, the longer you spend in one house, the more frustrated you can get with its little idiosyncrasies. ​​Many customers opt to use their home’s equity to finance their plans instead of saving up for construction to begin. Are the cabinets outdated? Is the flooring peeling, cracked, or stained? Have your overall needs and style simply changed with time? Remodeling your current space can address all of those issues and breathe life back into an otherwise tired space.

    You Can Stay Where You Are

    They say home is where the heart is, and at Roofing & Construction Solutions, we believe this to be true. Most of our clients are absolutely in love with their home, minus any current drawbacks. The neighborhood, school district, neighbors, and local amenities are all elements that contribute to a client’s perception of a “dream home.” Other times it’s the emotional attachment to their current property. It’s where they brought their babies home, where they celebrated promotions and birthdays and life achievements. All these major memories are suspended there, inside that cramped kitchen, a too-small bathroom, or an outdated living area. A home remodel helps you stay where your heart is!

    You Can Get Exactly What You Want

    More often than not, homebuyers assess the space and envision what they would change on the very first walk-thru of a new home. These changes are not always deal-breakers, but they’re things you make mental notes to address later on down the line. Maybe you hoped for a fireplace in the bathroom? Different cabinets or counters in the kitchen? A custom closet or vanity area? At Roofing & Construction Solutions, we love working with our customers to bring their dreams into reality. We can build, rebuild, or remodel any space to meet your evolving taste and lifestyle. We’ll have you falling back in love with your home in no time!

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