Have you experienced damage to your home or business as a result of wind, hail, water, fire, smoke, or otherwise? Roofing & Construction Solutions is a roofing contractor as well as a general contractor and we are ready, willing, and capable of repairing and restoring your house or establishment from the ground up. Failure to maintain a roof, damage, or time alone can lead to deterioration.

    Signs You May Need a Roof Repair

    • Interior Signs:

      Notice a stain on your ceiling? Hear a dripping sound that you can’t identify? Chances are that your roof is damaged. If you are noticing stains on the inside ceiling of your home or business, this means the leak is severe enough to saturate through your attic, insulation, and drywall. A leak needs to be repaired as soon as possible to avoid a larger problem such as mold. A roofing professional can conduct a walkthrough to determine if repairs or a replacement are needed.

    • Condition of Shingles:

      Check on your roof from the outside, what’s the condition of your shingles? How does it look overall? If you notice lifting or missing shingles, or cracked, damaged, or buckling areas, then repairs are needed. Check the downspouts or gutters for granules from the shingles, a roof that is losing a lot of shingle granules is typically nearing its end of useful life.

    • Flashing:

      Flashing is installed around vents, skylights, roof-to-wall intersections, and chimneys to seal your roof seams from weather and rain. Metal flashing systems are more durable than tar or cement but they’re not foolproof, check for any cracks, breaks, or damage. If you notice any issues with your flashing, a repair is needed, and you should contact a roofing professional right away.

    • Timeline:

      Check over your closing documents, home inspection, or home improvement records to determine when the last time your roof was replaced or repaired. Over time the materials will break down, after all, nothing lasts forever. Knowing when your roof was installed and what materials were used will help you to determine your roof’s timeline. For instance, a typical asphalt shingle roof lasts 20-25 years, while a roof installed over an existing layer of shingles should be replaced after 20 years.

    • Rot or Roots:

      Are there plants sprouting from your gutters or eaves? Is your roof sagging? These are some of the more obvious signs that your home or business needs roofing repair or replacement. Plants taking root need moisture; great when it comes to your landscaping, but not great when it comes to your roofing materials. Moisture leads to rot and overall decay of your roofing materials if there’s one thing you want a roof to be, it’s moisture resistant.

    • Don’t Assume the Worst:

      If your roof is less than 15 to 20 years old, chances are you don’t need a complete replacement. Repairs are very effective in extending the life of your existing roof and maintaining the integrity of your home or business. When in doubt, contact a licensed roofing contractor and get a professional opinion.

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