Eventually all Winter Park homes need a new roof, and you want to make the best decision. Not only does it need to function properly and protect your home, but you want to ensure that it is the right color too. There are some considerations that homeowners need to know so that they pick the perfect hue.

Exterior Color Palette

Make a note of your home’s exterior and the various colors that are present. Check your siding, foundation, trim and any decorative elements. You can choose a shingle color that either contrasts or complements your other exterior colors. A contrasting color adds depth and visual interest while a complementing color allows for a harmonious appearance.

Home’s Architectural Style

Your home’s architectural style plays a role in choosing shingle colors. For example, if your home is contemporary or modern, you might consider contrasting or bold colors. However, gray, brown or black shingles generally pair well with traditional homes. Do a little research into the common roof colors for your home’s architectural style to see which ones are the most popular. This will help to narrow down your choices so that it is easier to pick one.

Local Guidelines

There are times when neighborhood guidelines or a local homeowner’s association may have some guidelines or restrictions that you need to adhere to regarding your roof color. Check with these before you start the process so that you do not have potential problems in the future. You might be able to ask permission for certain colors if they prohibit them, but you would usually need to do this in advance.

Area Climate

The best roof shingle color is partially dependent on the climate in your area. It can get quite warm in Winter Park, so you might want to avoid really dark color. This is because they can absorb heat and make your home hotter, especially in the summer months. Consider light colors since these better reflect heat and sunlight, allowing for a naturally cooler home.

Maintenance Needs

The color of your shingles can actually play a role in some elements of roof maintenance. If you have concerns about stains and dirt, you might not want light-colored shingles as they may require more cleaning to keep them looking good. However, if you have a lot of sun exposure on your roof, dark colors might not be ideal since they could fade over time.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of your home is partially dependent on the color of your roof shingles. You can lower cooling costs by using light-colored shingles since they reduce heat absorption and reflect sunlight. However, dark colors can reduce heating costs since they provide warmth via absorbing heat. Think about whether you want to reduce your heating or cooling needs and choose a color that works for this.

Resale Value

If you choose bold colors or a custom design, this might not be what some aspiring homeowners are looking for in a roof. If you are planning to sell soon, consider the marketability of your home when choosing your shingle color.

Surroundings and Landscape

When you are choosing a roof shingle color, think about the neighboring houses, your landscape and other natural elements close to your home. Decide whether you want to stand out or if you want to blend in with the local environment.

Roof Replacement Budget

This is one of the most important considerations because some roof shingle colors are more expensive than others. You could incur higher costs if you choose custom or premium colors for your roof. The least expensive shingles tend to be in general colors, such as black, brown and gray. You also have to consider occasional repairs and how much it will cost to replace the exact shingles that you choose. It could also take longer for repairs if you choose custom shingles since they might not be readily available.

When you are ready for a new roof for your Winter Park home, there are several factors to consider. The color of the shingles is a big decision, but we can help you to look at all of the right factors to make the best choice. Our professionals are also here to help with any of your other roof needs. Do not forget to call us if you need any help with storm damage or installing that new skylight.

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